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Oreo Instinct, part One

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The first time I ever gave my daughter Betsy, now three and a half, an Oreo cookie, she pulled it apart, licked the center clean of icing, and then ate each half cookie separately.  I was baffled.  This is a kid who’s never seen a commercial for Oreos in her life, nor had she ever seen anyone eat one.  “Another,” she declared.  I gave her one.  The same process ensued, after which, with some cajoling, she drank the rest of her milk, and left.  An ordinary snack time experience, but one worth considering; why do young humans explore, and old ones accept?  What makes us bite into the cookie instead of pulling it apart? 


Written by Jen Szymanski

June 21, 2008 at 2:49 pm

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